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Low Cost Webpages For Small Businesses.

Let us build you a webpage that will fit in your budget. Finally, your business can have a web presence without emptying your wallet.

This page is an example of our work. We can keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Or make it as complex as you need it to be.

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Why Is A Web Page From Us A Great Choice?

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons:

 Price/Value Ratio

  According to a recent survey, a full-featured website can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000 USD. But if you are a small business, crafter, hobbyist, etc - you probably don't have that kind of budget.

  We offer a basic landing page for your business. From this page, your visitors can get the information they need to contact you, much like they would if they looked you up in a Yellow Pages ad (which typically averages about $800). We can also link them to your Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or other Social Media page where you can interact with them more directly.

Click Here  to read the survey of web page costs.

 Looks Great On Any Device

  If you choose a Do-It-Yourself web page, you will most likely get a page that looks like you did it yourself. Many of these pages look great on a computer screen, but don't scale well to a tablet or a smartphone.

  Our pages are professionally designed and coded to look good on any device. When viewed on a computer screen, you can see all of the menus and pages in a nice, landscape layout. If you shrink or expand the window, the format will follow and resize as needed. On a tablet or smartphone, they will scale accordingly as well, whether in portrait or landscape mode.

 Easy Domain Name, Hosting and Maintenance Terms

  Your web page will need a domain name and hosting account, both available separately. You can purchase and maintain these yourself, or we can add this service on to the price of the page design. We are flexible like that! We can also work out a maintenance plan for making changes to the page as you need them.

   We can also work out a maintenance plan for making changes to the page as you need them, and for maintaining your domain and hosting services.